Comprehensive Eyebrow Course

Microblading is currently the fastest growing service in the cosmetic tattooing industry. The procedure is performed by manually depositing pigment into the dermis with the use of a disposable hand tool and high quality pigments. 

No previous experience necessary, whether you are a permanent makeup artist or a complete novice. we will give you all the training you need to become a successful in this field.


  • Designed with 100 hours of training on total, theory and practice.

  • Includes 5 Days of Intensive Eyebrow Microblading and Machine Eyebrow Training.

  • You'll be under the guidance of international Eyebrow Master Gabrielle Rainbow

  • Intimate classes with 1 on 1 training. (4 students per class)

  • The only course to offer the most live models to practice (6-8 models)


Our training is one of the only to have weekly homework 1 month prior to the practical. During this time you will learn the fundamentals sketching and hair-stroke mapping. 


Our intense 5 day training, was designed to have you be ready to get into the market after. Twin Peonies' training is the only one to offer up to 6 live models for you to practice on and build your portfolio.


We value quality, only after submitting your beginners portfolio will you be certified. Our course is designed to help you with your first clients by providing you continues support in order to grow.


COmpreheNsive eyebrow course - $3000.00 (+ tax)

NEW 2019 PRICING - 5000.00 (+ tax)


Your student starter kit will include all your supplies for the first 25 models, which means that you could pay back a large portion of your training with the kit! The kit will also include all the practice tools for the practical 5 day training.