learn microblading in Atlanta

We are pleased to provide Georgia with the newest leader's in Individualized Microblading Training. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to succeed and blossom within the industry. 

What sets us apart from the rest?

Traditional trainings for this procedure are choosing between 3-5 day "crash courses" where they claim to give you the proper foundation you need to learn this skill. Most times the MAXIMUM number of models you may work on is 3. They certify you and you are sent out back into the real world expected to work on real clients. 

That's not how we work.

A quick overview of what you can expect :


Every student is expected to do 4 weeks of homework before their practical. During this time the trainer will evaluate your base skills and give you tailored and personalized assignments. 


You will be a part of a 5 day practical, where you and MAX (3) other students will gain a further understanding about the theory, you will also practice techniques, and work on up to 6 live models.



After your practical you will have a mini portfolio in order to start working on your own clients, we require students to send a minimum of 10 before/after photos in order to be critiqued. Once the trainer feels you are ready you will be certified!

Setting up for success

Our goal is to have our students 100% confident about the new skill they are learning, so they can enter this industry and blossom. We've designed it with 100 hours in total of theory and practice. We also have option for additional one on one classes and on going support. 

It is mandatory for all students to be certified for their Bloodborn Pathogens & First Aid & Tattoo License in order to be able to work/ do the practical.


JANUARY 29th-feb 2nd 2019 (1 Spot)

SEptember 2019 10th-14th ( 4 Spots)


COmpreheNsive eyebrow course - $3000.00 (+ tax)

NEW PRICING SEPT 2019 : $5000.00 (+ Tax)


Your student starter kit will include all your supplies for the first 25 models, which means that you could pay back a large portion of your training with the kit! The kit will also include all the practice tools for the practical 5 day training.